Assisted Living Foundation of America

Assisted Living Foundation of America (ALFA), a Texas Non‐Profit corporation, strives to develop high-quality, service and amenity-enriched affordable housing for low-income families and individuals. Based in Southern California, ALFA currently owns and operates 8 low‐income housing projects nationally, totaling almost 1,100 units.

Renting, maintaining & repairing
Renting, maintaining and repairing the Project or if such duties are delegated to a property management agent, participating in hiring and overseeing the work of the property management agent.
partnership documents
Executing and delivering all partnership documents on behalf of the Partnership.
government regulations & Compliance
Monitoring compliance with all government regulations and filing or supervising the filing of all required documents with government agencies.
Acquiring, holding, assigning or disposing of property or any interest in property.
Financing & Lending
Borrowing money on behalf of the Partnership, encumbering the Partnership's assets, placing title in the name of a nominee to obtain financing, prepaying in whole or in part, refinancing, increasing, modifying or extending any obligation.
charitable services
Ensuring that charitable services or benefits, such as vocational training, educational programs, childcare and after-school programs, cultural activities, family counseling, transportation, meals, and linkages to health and/or social services are provided or information regarding charitable services or benefits are made available to the tenants of the Project.
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